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We've Only Just Begun

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It was a great start. We had a cozy group of twelve women representing five churchs. The women had no problem mixing right in, chattering and sharing with one another. Several faces were new to me and it was wonderful to see how they blended so quickly.

One lost her husband 21 years ago, another was only four months along. The

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stories slowly emerged, and I knew in my heart the Lord was pleased.

"We are a special sisterhood, very precious to the Lord," I said in introduction.

" Yes we are!" they echoed. These women know the truth.

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Asking for a dish-to-pass can be a bit tentative, but a wonderful variety arrived, and no duplications. It was a selection perfectly balanced, and obviously orchestrated by the Lord. We definitely will have to collect recipes. Carmine's chicken sent me back for seconds. Beth's apples had just the right spices. Everything was yummy and we had plenty.

I shared briefly on the life of Dorcas, a disciple and well-known seamstress in the Bible. She had a special ministry sewing clothes for widows. Her simple acts of kindness has been the inspiration for ministries

all over the world to this day. Just one little woman, with a needle in her hand, forever immortalized in the pages of scripture because she loved her Lord and gave her talents freely to bless others.

God asked Moses, "What do you have in your hand?" Moses had a rod in his hand, a symbol of his authority and profession. In the same way, I imagine God saying, Dorcas, "What do you have in your hand?" She replied, "a needle, Lord."

My challenge to the women: to examine the talents and abilities they have, and consider how they can be used for His glory.

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Later, each woman received a different written verse from scripture. In their small groups, they read their verse and shared what stood out to them and how it applied to their lives. It was uncanny how the verses "randomly" given them lined up with their stories.

We cleaned up about 4:30. Hugs abounded, with promises to return February 15th.

As I locked the door to the pavilion behiind me, I felt peace and excitement that God is blessing this new endeavor.

I hope you will join us for the next gathering.

Love Marji

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