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We Will Miss You, Jane . . .

"I wonder what Jane Simboli will be bringing for the potluck this month," you'd often hear the women say. Everyone always looked forward to Jane's cooking.

"Can you believe that Jane Simboli?" A woman said to me. "She is so generous."

Jane never took short-cuts when it came to sharing. Her contribution to our group will be missed.

Jane was a gatherer of people. She almost never attended alone. Often Jane would text me before a meeting, "I'm bringing two new people. I asked a few more but maybe they can make it next time."

She always followed through with what she said she would do. She called, invited, picked-up and drove more people to our group than anyone else.

I can't believe she's gone -- she will definitely leave a hole in our group. But we rejoice that Jane is with Jesus, free of all her physical struggles, and dancing before the throne. Her love for the Lord is finally realizes as she stands, now face to face, with Him.

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