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L.O.L-lee Christmas

Everyone agreed, it was a good thing our normal location had been rented to someone else for December. We went to Monroe's. Elegant. Delicious. Inviting.

We had a wonderful time.

Ginny Mudd shared a delightful story about a widow who was experiencing her first Christmas alone. Before her husband passed, he had gone to the pet store and pre-arranged for her to receive his gift of a puppy on Christmas day, "So you wouldn't be alone."

It made me want to rush home and hug my dog - my 135lb. dog!

Sharon Oppedisano played the harp for us. It was the perfect addition to the ambience of Monroe's. (Look, I photo-bombed my own picture)

It's been another successful year with the L.O.L-lees. January begins our third year with the Lord's blessing. Come and join us. Love, Marji

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