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Where Have You Been?

I get asked this regularly, "Where have you been?" That usually means I haven't blogged in a long time... try over a year! All I can say is, "I've been busy..." then there was COVID. I've been working on a few new books, too. I also lost 30 pounds! That took a lot of my focus. Then ... I gained back 20 ... which evidently didn't take a lot of my focus!

L.O.L. still meets monthly, though some of our focus has changed. So many of the women attending are long past the early grief stages and didn't need to focus on grief anymore. So, unofficially, we changed our name from L.O.L.- Lives Overcoming Loss - to - L.O.L.- Loving Our Lord. It's been a happy thing.

We moved from the Rush recreation building in town to my art studio, and our numbers grew immediately. (?) Now we're bursting at the seams!

The greatest challenge for most single ladies is loneliness. That's why this group fits so well. We love on one another, do a lot of laughing, an occasional tear or two, but always surrounded by prayer and encouragement. Then there's always great food! These girls out-do themselves with the food they bring. (What a blessing not to have to cook for yourself.)

On a personal note: Another reason why I've been a bit quiet this year is because I was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2022. Thank the Lord, I'm fine ... we caught it early. I had a lumpectomy, went through radiation, and now I'm just about back to normal (what ever that means). Radiation tires you out. It's not the sleepy kind of tiredness, it's the lead-in-your-legs kind. I can't even begin to communicate how the Lord's grace and lovingkindness carried me through every step. I really needed Him - and He was there.

This kind of health challenge can produce a lot of anxiety and even panic attacks. Holding on to peace can be a real battle, and sometimes we don't win over fear. Before surgery, the Lord gave me the image below ... and I made it the cover of a mini-book of encouragement for those going through breast cancer.

I'm seeing the wisdom of the Lord in allowing me to experience this, because I have met dozens of women who are walking through the same thing. He gave me the teachings in this little booklet right before I needed them. I believe what makes a trial a blessing is having something to share with others. Here it is ...

If you know someone who is going through breast cancer, consider sending them one of these little books. Here's a testimony:

"Wrapped in Grace," ...the illustrations are wonderful. Marji Stevens is a gifted writer and artist." E.O.

"I carry this little book in my purse. I've read it over and over, and find comfort in every word, as well as the art. Thank you, Marji, for taking the time to create this. It has been a blessing.." P.T

To order click link.


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