Together, we are not alone!

Women helping women in the sisterhood of widows. 

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We are a Christian widow fellowship helping one another to grow forward.

I'm Rev. Marji Stevens, 

founder and director of Lives Overcoming Loss, a part of Embracing Grace Ministries based near Rochester, NY.

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"This book is a blessing! Marji weaves humor into the transparent and vulnerable telling of her pathway through grief. Timeless wisdom is illustrated in each story. This was the book I couldn't wait to pick up at the end of the day."


What can I expect if I attend?

  • a non-threatening, welcoming atmosphere.

  • meet new friends in all stages of life.

  • good food.

  • rich teaching from the Word of God.

  • meet people who will pray for you.

  • if it's your birthday month - receive a gift!

  • you will not be called on to talk or share unless you volunteer.

  • you will not be required to do anything but to enjoy it.

  • You'll be glad you came.

Why is this service needed?

A widow receives the greatest emotional support

in the first three to six months.  The challenges

extend far beyond that brief time.  Many churches

are not equipped to provide a program for widows

that's why a widow fellowship like L.O.L. is so valuable.

When the bulk of a widow's encouragers move on

with their lives, it leaves her alone to face the most

challenging part of widowhood . . . loneliness.

What is our mission? 

  • To give widows the respect and attention they deserve.

  • Encourage a forward look.

  • Inspire purpose and hope.

  • Provide fellowship with others who have walked the same journey.

  • Help combat loneliness.


We are not a church or a grief counseling service.  We are a group of Christian women who happen to be widows, and who recognize the blessing of being together, and the edification of being in God's Word.

This video will explain why we started this ministry.

Would you like to join us?

A virtuous woman . . .

"Strength and dignity

are her clothing, and she smiles at the future." Proverbs 31:25 NAS

We meet on the third Sunday of every month (except July and December)

If this is your first time please contact us ahead of time to secure your place and receive driving instructions.

Where? When?


1:45 - the third Sunday of the month 

We meet in my art studio next to my home.  Please email ahead of time to secure your place.

What should I bring?

  • Bible and notebook

  • A dish to share unless this is your first visit.

  • You may bring a friend. She does not have to be a widow.