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Gifts from the Porch Swing

Marji shares the story of God's grace through multiple losses in her life. This book will comfort, challenge, and even make you laugh. She found her place of refuge on the porch swing every morning with the Lord.

What others are saying:

"Through a kaleidoscope of life's colors and experiences, Marji Stevens pictures her journey through joys and loss in wonderful word images and her own illustrations. There is laughter and loss, despair and inspiration, written from the porch swing where God tenderly spoke His wisdom and care into her heart. This is a "Gift from the Porch Swing" to any reader, but especially to those affected by loss. Sweet words, indeed!"  J Erickson

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"I loved this book...Marji writes with such open honesty about a wide variety of life events. Her book is an engaging story that kept me reading when I should have been sleeping. She encouraged and inspired me. And she imparted valuable tools on surviving and thriving through loss, which will benefit any reader. Makes me want a porch swing!!" J Babbitt

You Are Not Alone

Sometimes a big book is a little

overwhelming for a new widow.

So, Marji designed this mini-book with helpful, comforting words and verses, along with her artwork. It can fit in a pocket or purse.

Notecards with a matching image are also available. 

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Words of Comfort for the

Hurting Heart

This mini-book is for the individual who has lost a loved one other than a spouse. 

It is almost a duplicate of "You Are Not Alone."

Notecards with matching image are also available.

"This book is a blessing! Marji weaves humor into the transparent and vulnerable telling of her pathway through grief. Timeless wisdom is illustrated in each story. This was the book I couldn't wait to pick up at the end of the day." L.DeCarlo

"Where is God when you lose your health, your song, and your beloved husband? Marji’ shares her life and losses on an earthly level in which God transforms her amidst the pain for her good and HIs glory. I was especially touched by her transparency in sharing her relationship with Bamma, her mother-in-law who came to live with them, and then they both they walked through the loss of her beloved Bill. Marji's humor lives on and her artistry begins each chapter. It’s practical and woman-to-woman for those who are widows. Yet it is a book for me and anyone to be encouraged to draw close to God amidst trials and loss, ever looking to and depending on God’s amazing love and provision." Anonymous

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